Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, launched a national level program on developing a digitized inventory of the bioresources of the country. Based on the data collated by about 400 scientists from over 150 units, for the first time ever, an electronic database was developed using an indigenously developed software on plant, animal, marine and microbial resources of the country. All the digital databases were developed with a common basic structure such that they could all be eventually compiled on to a single servicing plot form. There arose a need to offer these Non-spatial data (attribute data) sets' on a wide network such that they become available to all the potential end users.
Simultaneously, DBT had also launched countrywide programs with collaboration of Department of Space Government of India to characterize and map the biodiversity of the most important areas of the country. The national level programme on Biodiversity characterization at landscape level using Remote Sensing and GIS was initiated by National Remote Sensing Agency Hyderabad with collaboration of various national level institutions/universities. During this programme the spatial outputs along with field sample data is generated on the spatial aspects of the distribution of the bio-resources, which would be of value to range of end users.
The core strength of IBIN is rooted in a nationwide effort undertaken by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and the Department of Space (DOS) to characterize biodiversity. This programme "Landscape Level Characterization of Biodiversity Using Remote Sensing and GIS".
At this point it was realized that the two sets viz., the Spatial and Non-Spatial data sets shall be brought together to add value to the two discrete efforts and make them available to the country. However it was also realized that there are independent efforts in the country aimed at compiling databases on various issues of biological resources and that all these databases need to be integrated on to a common networking and service providing program for the country. It was strongly felt to make available the distributed data on Indian Bio-resource under single portal for public access. IBIN was thus conceived.

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