Checklist of Birds of Himalayas,
Taxa No. of Species Place Name State (S) District (S) Taluk (S)
Birds 799 Himalayas
Biogeographic Region
India Biogeographic Region
Himalayan zone

Checklist Information

This checklist includes all bird species found in the Eastern Himalyas. Compiled by the authors from a variety of sources, the taxonomic order and nomenclature of the birds in this checklist follow International Ornothilogists Union (IOC) World Bird Names, 2009.
Checklist Stats:
Number of species: 799
Number of endemics: 1
Number of globally threatened species: 39

S. No Scientific Name ORDER FAMILY Field Notes
1 Lerwa lerwa GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
2 Tetraophasis szechenyii GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
3 Tetraogallus himalayensis GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
4 Tetraogallus tibetanus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
5 Francolinus francolinus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
6 Francolinus gularis GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
7 Perdix hodgsoniae GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
8 Coturnix coturnix GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
9 Excalfactoria chinensis GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
10 Perdicula asiatica GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
11 Perdicula manipurensis GALLIFORMES Phasianidae Endemic (country/region)
12 Arborophila torqueola GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
13 Arborophila rufogularis GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
14 Arborophila atrogularis GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
15 Arborophila mandellii GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
16 Ithaginis cruentus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
17 Tragopan satyra GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
18 Tragopan blythii GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
19 Tragopan temminckii GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
20 Lophophorus impejanus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
21 Lophophorus sclateri GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
22 Gallus gallus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
23 Lophura leucomelanos GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
24 Crossoptilon harmani GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
25 Polyplectron bicalcaratum GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
26 Pavo cristatus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
27 Pavo muticus GALLIFORMES Phasianidae
28 Dendrocygna javanica ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
29 Anser anser ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
30 Anser indicus ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
31 Sarkidiornis melanotos ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
32 Tadorna ferruginea ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
33 Asarcornis scutulata ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
34 Nettapus coromandelianus ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
35 Anas strepera ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
36 Anas penelope ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
37 Anas platyrhynchos ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
38 Anas poecilorhyncha ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
39 Anas clypeata ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
40 Anas acuta ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
41 Anas crecca ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
42 Aythya ferina ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
43 Aythya baeri ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
44 Aythya fuligula ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
45 Bucephala clangula ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
46 Mergus merganser ANSERIFORMES Anatidae
47 Mergus serrator ANSERIFORMES Anatidae Rare/Accidental
48 Tachybaptus ruficollis PODICIPEDIFORMES Podicipedidae
49 Podiceps cristatus PODICIPEDIFORMES Podicipedidae
50 Podiceps nigricollis PODICIPEDIFORMES Podicipedidae
51 Anastomus oscitans CICONIIFORMES Ciconiidae
52 Ciconia nigra CICONIIFORMES Ciconiidae
53 Ciconia episcopus CICONIIFORMES Ciconiidae
54 Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus CICONIIFORMES Ciconiidae
55 Leptoptilos javanicus CICONIIFORMES Ciconiidae
56 Leptoptilos dubius CICONIIFORMES Ciconiidae
57 Threskiornis melanocephalus PELECANIFORMES Threskiornithidae
58 Plegadis falcinellus PELECANIFORMES Threskiornithidae
59 Ixobrychus sinensis PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
60 Ixobrychus cinnamomeus PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
61 Dupetor flavicollis PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
62 Nycticorax nycticorax PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
63 Butorides striata PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
64 Ardeola grayii PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
65 Ardeola bacchus PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
66 Bubulcus coromandus PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
67 Ardea cinerea PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
68 Ardea insignis PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
69 Ardea goliath PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae Rare/Accidental
70 Ardea purpurea PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
71 Ardea modesta PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
72 Egretta intermedia PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
73 Egretta garzetta PELECANIFORMES Ardeidae
74 Pelecanus philippensis PELECANIFORMES Pelecanidae
75 Microcarbo niger PELECANIFORMES Phalacrocoracidae
76 Phalacrocorax fuscicollis PELECANIFORMES Phalacrocoracidae
77 Phalacrocorax carbo PELECANIFORMES Phalacrocoracidae
78 Anhinga melanogaster PELECANIFORMES Anhingidae
79 Pandion haliaetus ACCIPITRIFORMES Pandionidae
80 Aviceda jerdoni ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
81 Aviceda leuphotes ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
82 Pernis ptilorhynchus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
83 Elanus caeruleus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
84 Milvus migrans ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
85 Haliastur indus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
86 Haliaeetus leucoryphus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
87 Haliaeetus albicilla ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
88 Ichthyophaga humilis ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
89 Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
90 Gypaetus barbatus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
91 Gyps bengalensis ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
92 Gyps indicus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
93 Gyps tenuirostris ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
94 Gyps himalayensis ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
95 Gyps fulvus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
96 Sarcogyps calvus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
97 Aegypius monachus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
98 Circaetus gallicus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
99 Spilornis cheela ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
100 Circus aeruginosus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
101 Circus cyaneus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
102 Circus macrourus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
103 Circus melanoleucos ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
104 Accipiter trivirgatus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
105 Accipiter badius ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
106 Accipiter virgatus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
107 Accipiter nisus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
108 Accipiter gentilis ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
109 Butastur teesa ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
110 Buteo buteo ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
111 Buteo rufinus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
112 Buteo hemilasius ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
113 Ictinaetus malayensis ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
114 Aquila hastata ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
115 Aquila clanga ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
116 Aquila chrysaetos ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
117 Aquila fasciata ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
118 Hieraaetus pennatus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
119 Lophotriorchis kienerii ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
120 Nisaetus cirrhatus ACCIPITRIFORMES Accipitridae
121 Microhierax caerulescens FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
122 Microhierax melanoleucos FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
123 Falco naumanni FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
124 Falco tinnunculus FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
125 Falco chicquera FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
126 Falco amurensis FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
127 Falco subbuteo FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
128 Falco severus FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
129 Falco jugger FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
130 Falco peregrinus FALCONIFORMES Falconidae
131 Houbaropsis bengalensis OTIDIFORMES Otididae
132 Heliopais personatus GRUIFORMES Heliornithidae
133 Rallina eurizonoides GRUIFORMES Rallidae
134 Gallirallus striatus GRUIFORMES Rallidae
135 Amaurornis phoenicurus GRUIFORMES Rallidae
136 Porzana bicolor GRUIFORMES Rallidae
137 Porzana pusilla GRUIFORMES Rallidae
138 Porzana fusca GRUIFORMES Rallidae
139 Gallicrex cinerea GRUIFORMES Rallidae
140 Porphyrio porphyrio GRUIFORMES Rallidae
141 Gallinula chloropus GRUIFORMES Rallidae
142 Fulica atra GRUIFORMES Rallidae
143 Grus antigone GRUIFORMES Gruidae
144 Grus grus GRUIFORMES Gruidae
145 Grus nigricollis GRUIFORMES Gruidae
146 Turnix sylvaticus CHARADRIIFORMES Turnicidae
147 Turnix tanki CHARADRIIFORMES Turnicidae
148 Turnix suscitator CHARADRIIFORMES Turnicidae
149 Burhinus indicus CHARADRIIFORMES Burhinidae
150 Esacus recurvirostris CHARADRIIFORMES Burhinidae
151 Haematopus ostralegus CHARADRIIFORMES Haematopodidae
152 Ibidorhyncha struthersii CHARADRIIFORMES Ibidorhynchidae
153 Himantopus himantopus CHARADRIIFORMES Recurvirostridae
154 Vanellus vanellus CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
155 Vanellus duvaucelii CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
156 Vanellus cinereus CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
157 Vanellus indicus CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
158 Pluvialis fulva CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
159 Pluvialis dominica CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
160 Charadrius dubius CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
161 Charadrius mongolus CHARADRIIFORMES Charadriidae
162 Rostratula benghalensis CHARADRIIFORMES Rostratulidae
163 Hydrophasianus chirurgus CHARADRIIFORMES Jacanidae
164 Metopidius indicus CHARADRIIFORMES Jacanidae
165 Scolopax rusticola CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
166 Lymnocryptes minimus CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
167 Gallinago solitaria CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
168 Gallinago nemoricola CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
169 Gallinago stenura CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
170 Gallinago gallinago CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
171 Limosa limosa CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
172 Numenius phaeopus CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
173 Tringa totanus CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
174 Tringa stagnatilis CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
175 Tringa nebularia CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
176 Tringa ochropus CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
177 Tringa glareola CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
178 Actitis hypoleucos CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
179 Calidris temminckii CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
180 Philomachus pugnax CHARADRIIFORMES Scolopacidae
181 Glareola maldivarum CHARADRIIFORMES Glareolidae
182 Glareola lactea CHARADRIIFORMES Glareolidae
183 Rynchops albicollis CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
184 Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
185 Chroicocephalus ridibundus CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
186 Ichthyaetus ichthyaetus CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
187 Hydroprogne caspia CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
188 Sterna aurantia CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
189 Chlidonias hybrida CHARADRIIFORMES Laridae
190 Syrrhaptes tibetanus PTEROCLIDIFORMES Pteroclididae
191 Columba livia COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
192 Columba rupestris COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
193 Columba leuconota COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
194 Columba hodgsonii COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
195 Columba pulchricollis COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
196 Columba punicea COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
197 Streptopelia orientalis COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
198 Streptopelia decaocto COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
199 Streptopelia tranquebarica COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
200 Spilopelia chinensis COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
201 Spilopelia senegalensis COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
202 Macropygia unchall COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
203 Chalcophaps indica COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
204 Treron bicinctus COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
205 Treron curvirostra COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
206 Treron phoenicopterus COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
207 Treron apicauda COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
208 Treron sphenurus COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
209 Ducula aenea COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
210 Ducula badia COLUMBIFORMES Columbidae
211 Loriculus vernalis PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
212 Psittacula eupatria PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
213 Psittacula krameri PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
214 Psittacula himalayana PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
215 Psittacula finschii PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
216 Psittacula cyanocephala PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
217 Psittacula roseata PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
218 Psittacula derbiana PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
219 Psittacula alexandri PSITTACIFORMES Psittacidae
220 Centropus sinensis CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
221 Centropus bengalensis CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
222 Phaenicophaeus tristis CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
223 Clamator coromandus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
224 Clamator jacobinus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
225 Eudynamys scolopaceus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
226 Chrysococcyx maculatus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
227 Cacomantis sonneratii CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
228 Cacomantis merulinus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
229 Cacomantis passerinus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
230 Surniculus dicruroides CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
231 Hierococcyx sparverioides CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
232 Hierococcyx varius CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
233 Hierococcyx nisicolor CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
234 Cuculus poliocephalus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
235 Cuculus micropterus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
236 Cuculus saturatus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
237 Cuculus canorus CUCULIFORMES Cuculidae
238 Tyto alba STRIGIFORMES Tytonidae
239 Phodilus badius STRIGIFORMES Tytonidae
240 Otus spilocephalus STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
241 Otus bakkamoena STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
242 Otus sunia STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
243 Bubo bubo STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
244 Bubo bengalensis STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
245 Bubo nipalensis STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
246 Bubo coromandus STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
247 Ketupa zeylonensis STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
248 Ketupa flavipes STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
249 Strix leptogrammica STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
250 Strix aluco STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
251 Glaucidium brodiei STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
252 Glaucidium cuculoides STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
253 Glaucidium radiatum STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
254 Athene noctua STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
255 Athene brama STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
256 Heteroglaux blewitti STRIGIFORMES Strigidae Endemic (country/region) Critically endangered
257 Ninox scutulata STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
258 Asio flammeus STRIGIFORMES Strigidae
259 Batrachostomus hodgsoni CAPRIMULGIFORMES Podargidae
260 Eurostopodus macrotis CAPRIMULGIFORMES Caprimulgidae
261 Caprimulgus jotaka CAPRIMULGIFORMES Caprimulgidae
262 Caprimulgus macrurus CAPRIMULGIFORMES Caprimulgidae
263 Caprimulgus affinis CAPRIMULGIFORMES Caprimulgidae
264 Hemiprocne coronata APODIFORMES Hemiprocnidae
265 Aerodramus brevirostris APODIFORMES Apodidae
266 Aerodramus fuciphagus APODIFORMES Apodidae
267 Zoonavena sylvatica APODIFORMES Apodidae
268 Hirundapus caudacutus APODIFORMES Apodidae
269 Hirundapus cochinchinensis APODIFORMES Apodidae
270 Hirundapus giganteus APODIFORMES Apodidae
271 Cypsiurus balasiensis APODIFORMES Apodidae
272 Tachymarptis melba APODIFORMES Apodidae
273 Apus apus APODIFORMES Apodidae
274 Apus pacificus APODIFORMES Apodidae
275 Apus affinis APODIFORMES Apodidae
276 Apus nipalensis APODIFORMES Apodidae
277 Harpactes erythrocephalus TROGONIFORMES Trogonidae
278 Harpactes wardi TROGONIFORMES Trogonidae
279 Coracias benghalensis CORACIIFORMES Coraciidae
280 Eurystomus orientalis CORACIIFORMES Coraciidae
281 Pelargopsis capensis CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
282 Halcyon coromanda CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
283 Halcyon smyrnensis CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
284 Halcyon pileata CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
285 Ceyx erithaca CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
286 Alcedo meninting CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
287 Alcedo atthis CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
288 Alcedo hercules CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
289 Megaceryle lugubris CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
290 Ceryle rudis CORACIIFORMES Alcedinidae
291 Nyctyornis athertoni CORACIIFORMES Meropidae
292 Merops orientalis CORACIIFORMES Meropidae
293 Merops philippinus CORACIIFORMES Meropidae
294 Merops leschenaulti CORACIIFORMES Meropidae
295 Upupa epops BUCEROTIFORMES Upupidae
296 Anorrhinus austeni BUCEROTIFORMES Bucerotidae
297 Anthracoceros coronatus BUCEROTIFORMES Bucerotidae
298 Anthracoceros albirostris BUCEROTIFORMES Bucerotidae
299 Buceros bicornis BUCEROTIFORMES Bucerotidae
300 Aceros nipalensis BUCEROTIFORMES Bucerotidae
301 Rhyticeros undulatus BUCEROTIFORMES Bucerotidae
302 Megalaima virens PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
303 Megalaima zeylanica PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
304 Megalaima lineata PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
305 Megalaima franklinii PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
306 Megalaima asiatica PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
307 Megalaima australis PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
308 Megalaima malabarica PICIFORMES Megalaimidae Endemic (country/region)
309 Megalaima haemacephala PICIFORMES Megalaimidae
310 Indicator xanthonotus PICIFORMES Indicatoridae
311 Jynx torquilla PICIFORMES Picidae
312 Picumnus innominatus PICIFORMES Picidae
313 Sasia ochracea PICIFORMES Picidae
314 Dendrocopos hyperythrus PICIFORMES Picidae
315 Dendrocopos nanus PICIFORMES Picidae
316 Dendrocopos canicapillus PICIFORMES Picidae
317 Dendrocopos atratus PICIFORMES Picidae
318 Dendrocopos cathpharius PICIFORMES Picidae
319 Dendrocopos darjellensis PICIFORMES Picidae
320 Dendrocopos himalayensis PICIFORMES Picidae
321 Dendrocopos major PICIFORMES Picidae
322 Celeus brachyurus PICIFORMES Picidae
323 Dryocopus javensis PICIFORMES Picidae
324 Picus chlorolophus PICIFORMES Picidae
325 Picus flavinucha PICIFORMES Picidae
326 Picus squamatus PICIFORMES Picidae
327 Picus canus PICIFORMES Picidae
328 Dinopium shorii PICIFORMES Picidae
329 Dinopium benghalense PICIFORMES Picidae
330 Gecinulus grantia PICIFORMES Picidae
331 Blythipicus pyrrhotis PICIFORMES Picidae
332 Mulleripicus pulverulentus PICIFORMES Picidae
333 Psarisomus dalhousiae PASSERIFORMES Eurylaimidae
334 Serilophus lunatus PASSERIFORMES Eurylaimidae
335 Pitta nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Pittidae
336 Pitta cyanea PASSERIFORMES Pittidae
337 Pitta sordida PASSERIFORMES Pittidae
338 Pitta brachyura PASSERIFORMES Pittidae
339 Hemipus picatus PASSERIFORMES Tephrodornithidae
340 Tephrodornis virgatus PASSERIFORMES Tephrodornithidae
341 Tephrodornis pondicerianus PASSERIFORMES Tephrodornithidae
342 Artamus fuscus PASSERIFORMES Artamidae
343 Aegithina tiphia PASSERIFORMES Aegithinidae
344 Coracina macei PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
345 Coracina melaschistos PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
346 Coracina melanoptera PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
347 Pericrocotus roseus PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
348 Pericrocotus cinnamomeus PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
349 Pericrocotus solaris PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
350 Pericrocotus ethologus PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
351 Pericrocotus brevirostris PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
352 Pericrocotus flammeus PASSERIFORMES Campephagidae
353 Lanius cristatus PASSERIFORMES Laniidae
354 Lanius isabellinus PASSERIFORMES Laniidae
355 Lanius schach PASSERIFORMES Laniidae
356 Lanius tephronotus PASSERIFORMES Laniidae
357 Lanius excubitor PASSERIFORMES Laniidae
358 Lanius meridionalis PASSERIFORMES Laniidae
359 Erpornis zantholeuca PASSERIFORMES Vireonidae
360 Pteruthius rufiventer PASSERIFORMES Vireonidae
361 Pteruthius flaviscapis PASSERIFORMES Vireonidae
362 Pteruthius xanthochlorus PASSERIFORMES Vireonidae
363 Pteruthius melanotis PASSERIFORMES Vireonidae
364 Pteruthius aenobarbus PASSERIFORMES Vireonidae
365 Oriolus kundoo PASSERIFORMES Oriolidae
366 Oriolus tenuirostris PASSERIFORMES Oriolidae
367 Oriolus xanthornus PASSERIFORMES Oriolidae
368 Oriolus traillii PASSERIFORMES Oriolidae
369 Dicrurus macrocercus PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
370 Dicrurus leucophaeus PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
371 Dicrurus caerulescens PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
372 Dicrurus annectans PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
373 Dicrurus aeneus PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
374 Dicrurus remifer PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
375 Dicrurus paradiseus PASSERIFORMES Dicruridae
376 Rhipidura albicollis PASSERIFORMES Rhipiduridae
377 Hypothymis azurea PASSERIFORMES Monarchidae
378 Terpsiphone paradisi PASSERIFORMES Monarchidae
379 Garrulus glandarius PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
380 Urocissa flavirostris PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
381 Urocissa erythrorhyncha PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
382 Cissa chinensis PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
383 Dendrocitta vagabunda PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
384 Dendrocitta formosae PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
385 Dendrocitta frontalis PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
386 Pica pica PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
387 Nucifraga multipunctata PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
388 Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
389 Pyrrhocorax graculus PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
390 Coloeus monedula PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
391 Corvus splendens PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
392 Corvus corone PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
393 Corvus macrorhynchos PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
394 Corvus levaillantii PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
395 Corvus corax PASSERIFORMES Corvidae
396 Chelidorhynx hypoxantha PASSERIFORMES Stenostiridae
397 Culicicapa ceylonensis PASSERIFORMES Stenostiridae
398 Periparus rubidiventris PASSERIFORMES Paridae
399 Periparus ater PASSERIFORMES Paridae
400 Lophophanes dichrous PASSERIFORMES Paridae
401 Parus minor PASSERIFORMES Paridae
402 Parus cinereus PASSERIFORMES Paridae
403 Parus monticolus PASSERIFORMES Paridae
404 Parus spilonotus PASSERIFORMES Paridae
405 Parus humilis PASSERIFORMES Paridae
406 Sylviparus modestus PASSERIFORMES Paridae
407 Melanochlora sultanea PASSERIFORMES Paridae
408 Cephalopyrus flammiceps PASSERIFORMES Remizidae
409 Mirafra assamica PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
410 Mirafra erythroptera PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
411 Melanocorypha maxima PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
412 Calandrella brachydactyla PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
413 Calandrella acutirostris PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
414 Calandrella raytal PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
415 Calandrella cheleensis PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
416 Alauda arvensis PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
417 Alauda gulgula PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
418 Eremophila alpestris PASSERIFORMES Alaudidae
419 Pycnonotus striatus PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
420 Pycnonotus jocosus PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
421 Pycnonotus leucogenys PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
422 Pycnonotus cafer PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
423 Alophoixus flaveolus PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
424 Acritillas indica PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
425 Iole virescens PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
426 Ixos mcclellandii PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
427 Hypsipetes leucocephalus PASSERIFORMES Pycnonotidae
428 Riparia chinensis PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
429 Riparia riparia PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
430 Riparia diluta PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
431 Hirundo rustica PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
432 Hirundo smithii PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
433 Ptyonoprogne rupestris PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
434 Ptyonoprogne concolor PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
435 Delichon urbicum PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
436 Delichon dasypus PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
437 Delichon nipalense PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
438 Cecropis daurica PASSERIFORMES Hirundinidae
439 Tesia olivea PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
440 Tesia cyaniventer PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
441 Tesia castaneocoronata PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
442 Cettia pallidipes PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
443 Cettia fortipes PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
444 Cettia major PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
445 Cettia flavolivacea PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
446 Cettia brunnifrons PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
447 Tickellia hodgsoni PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
448 Abroscopus albogularis PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
449 Abroscopus schisticeps PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
450 Abroscopus superciliaris PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
451 Phyllergates cucullatus PASSERIFORMES Cettiidae
452 Aegithalos leucogenys PASSERIFORMES Aegithalidae
453 Aegithalos concinnus PASSERIFORMES Aegithalidae
454 Aegithalos iouschistos PASSERIFORMES Aegithalidae
455 Leptopoecile sophiae PASSERIFORMES Aegithalidae
456 Phylloscopus fuscatus PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
457 Phylloscopus fuligiventer PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
458 Phylloscopus affinis PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
459 Phylloscopus griseolus PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
460 Phylloscopus pulcher PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
461 Phylloscopus maculipennis PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
462 Phylloscopus proregulus PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
463 Phylloscopus chloronotus PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
464 Phylloscopus inornatus PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
465 Phylloscopus humei PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
466 Phylloscopus trochiloides PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
467 Phylloscopus tenellipes PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
468 Phylloscopus magnirostris PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
469 Phylloscopus occipitalis PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
470 Phylloscopus coronatus PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
471 Phylloscopus cantator PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
472 Phylloscopus xanthoschistos PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
473 Seicercus affinis PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
474 Seicercus burkii PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
475 Seicercus poliogenys PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
476 Seicercus castaniceps PASSERIFORMES Phylloscopidae
477 Acrocephalus concinens PASSERIFORMES Acrocephalidae
478 Acrocephalus agricola PASSERIFORMES Acrocephalidae
479 Iduna aedon PASSERIFORMES Acrocephalidae
480 Megalurus palustris PASSERIFORMES Megaluridae
481 Bradypterus mandelli PASSERIFORMES Megaluridae
482 Cisticola juncidis PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
483 Cisticola exilis PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
484 Prinia burnesii PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
485 Prinia crinigera PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
486 Prinia atrogularis PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
487 Prinia cinereocapilla PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
488 Prinia rufescens PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
489 Prinia hodgsonii PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
490 Prinia gracilis PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
491 Prinia flaviventris PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
492 Prinia socialis PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
493 Prinia inornata PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
494 Orthotomus sutorius PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
495 Orthotomus atrogularis PASSERIFORMES Cisticolidae
496 Pellorneum albiventre PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
497 Pellorneum palustre PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae Endemic (country/region)
498 Pellorneum ruficeps PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
499 Pellorneum tickelli PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
500 Malacocincla abbotti PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
501 Pomatorhinus hypoleucos PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
502 Pomatorhinus erythrogenys PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
503 Pomatorhinus schisticeps PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
504 Pomatorhinus ruficollis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
505 Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
506 Pomatorhinus ferruginosus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
507 Pomatorhinus superciliaris PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
508 Rimator malacoptilus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
509 Napothera brevicaudata PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
510 Napothera epilepidota PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
511 Pnoepyga albiventer PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
512 Pnoepyga pusilla PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
513 Spelaeornis caudatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
514 Spelaeornis badeigularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae Endemic (country/region) Vulnerable
515 Spelaeornis troglodytoides PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
516 Spelaeornis formosus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
517 Spelaeornis longicaudatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae Endemic (country/region) Vulnerable
518 Sphenocichla humei PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
519 Stachyris rufifrons PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
520 Stachyris ambigua PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
521 Stachyris ruficeps PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
522 Stachyris pyrrhops PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
523 Stachyris chrysaea PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
524 Stachyris nigriceps PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
525 Stachyris oglei PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae Endemic (country/region) Vulnerable
526 Macronus gularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
527 Timalia pileata PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
528 Chrysomma sinense PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
529 Chrysomma altirostre PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
530 Turdoides earlei PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
531 Turdoides longirostris PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
532 Turdoides striata PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
533 Babax waddelli PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
534 Garrulax leucolophus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
535 Garrulax monileger PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
536 Garrulax pectoralis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
537 Garrulax striatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
538 Garrulax nuchalis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
539 Garrulax gularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
540 Garrulax variegatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
541 Garrulax rufogularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
542 Garrulax ocellatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
543 Garrulax caerulatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
544 Garrulax ruficollis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
545 Garrulax sannio PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
546 Garrulax lineatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
547 Garrulax virgatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
548 Garrulax austeni PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
549 Garrulax squamatus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
550 Garrulax subunicolor PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
551 Garrulax henrici PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
552 Garrulax affinis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
553 Garrulax erythrocephalus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
554 Liocichla bugunorum PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae Endemic
555 Leiothrix argentauris PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
556 Leiothrix lutea PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
557 Cutia nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
558 Gampsorhynchus rufulus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
559 Actinodura egertoni PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
560 Actinodura nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
561 Actinodura waldeni PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
562 Minla cyanouroptera PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
563 Minla strigula PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
564 Minla ignotincta PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
565 Alcippe chrysotis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
566 Alcippe cinerea PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
567 Alcippe vinipectus PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
568 Alcippe ludlowi PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
569 Alcippe rufogularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
570 Alcippe dubia PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
571 Alcippe brunnea PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
572 Alcippe nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
573 Heterophasia annectens PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
574 Heterophasia capistrata PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
575 Heterophasia gracilis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
576 Heterophasia pulchella PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
577 Heterophasia picaoides PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
578 Yuhina castaniceps PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
579 Yuhina bakeri PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
580 Yuhina flavicollis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
581 Yuhina gularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
582 Yuhina occipitalis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
583 Yuhina nigrimenta PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
584 Conostoma oemodium PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
585 Paradoxornis unicolor PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
586 Paradoxornis flavirostris PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
587 Paradoxornis guttaticollis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
588 Paradoxornis fulvifrons PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
589 Paradoxornis nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
590 Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
591 Paradoxornis gularis PASSERIFORMES Timaliidae
592 Myzornis pyrrhoura PASSERIFORMES Incertae Sedis
593 Zosterops palpebrosus PASSERIFORMES Zosteropidae
594 Irena puella PASSERIFORMES Irenidae
595 Regulus regulus PASSERIFORMES Regulidae
596 Troglodytes troglodytes PASSERIFORMES Troglodytidae
597 Sitta nagaensis PASSERIFORMES Sittidae
598 Sitta castanea PASSERIFORMES Sittidae
599 Sitta cinnamoventris PASSERIFORMES Sittidae
600 Sitta himalayensis PASSERIFORMES Sittidae
601 Sitta frontalis PASSERIFORMES Sittidae
602 Sitta formosa PASSERIFORMES Sittidae
603 Tichodroma muraria PASSERIFORMES Tichodromidae
604 Certhia hodgsoni PASSERIFORMES Certhiidae
605 Certhia himalayana PASSERIFORMES Certhiidae
606 Certhia nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Certhiidae
607 Saroglossa spiloptera PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
608 Ampeliceps coronatus PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
609 Gracula religiosa PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
610 Acridotheres fuscus PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
611 Acridotheres ginginianus PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
612 Acridotheres tristis PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
613 Gracupica contra PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
614 Agropsar sturninus PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
615 Sturnia malabarica PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
616 Sturnia pagodarum PASSERIFORMES Sturnidae
617 Myophonus caeruleus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
618 Zoothera wardii PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
619 Zoothera citrina PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
620 Zoothera sibirica PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
621 Zoothera mollissima PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
622 Zoothera dixoni PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
623 Zoothera monticola PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
624 Zoothera marginata PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
625 Turdus unicolor PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
626 Turdus dissimilis PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
627 Turdus albocinctus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
628 Turdus boulboul PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
629 Turdus merula PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
630 Turdus maximus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
631 Turdus rubrocanus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
632 Turdus kessleri PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
633 Turdus feae PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
634 Turdus obscurus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
635 Turdus ruficollis PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
636 Turdus naumanni PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
637 Turdus eunomus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
638 Cochoa purpurea PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
639 Cochoa viridis PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
640 Heteroxenicus stellatus PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
641 Brachypteryx hyperythra PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
642 Brachypteryx leucophrys PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
643 Brachypteryx montana PASSERIFORMES Turdidae
644 Luscinia svecica PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
645 Luscinia calliope PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
646 Luscinia pectoralis PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
647 Luscinia pectardens PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
648 Luscinia brunnea PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
649 Luscinia cyane PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
650 Tarsiger indicus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
651 Tarsiger hyperythrus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
652 Tarsiger cyanurus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
653 Tarsiger chrysaeus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
654 Copsychus saularis PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
655 Copsychus malabaricus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
656 Phoenicurus caeruleocephala PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
657 Phoenicurus ochruros PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
658 Phoenicurus hodgsoni PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
659 Phoenicurus schisticeps PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
660 Phoenicurus auroreus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
661 Phoenicurus erythrogastrus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
662 Phoenicurus frontalis PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
663 Hodgsonius phaenicuroides PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
664 Rhyacornis fuliginosa PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
665 Chaimarrornis leucocephalus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
666 Myiomela leucura PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
667 Cinclidium frontale PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
668 Grandala coelicolor PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
669 Enicurus scouleri PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
670 Enicurus immaculatus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
671 Enicurus schistaceus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
672 Enicurus maculatus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
673 Saxicola insignis PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
674 Saxicola maurus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
675 Saxicola leucurus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
676 Saxicola caprata PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
677 Saxicola jerdoni PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
678 Saxicola ferreus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
679 Monticola solitarius PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
680 Monticola rufiventris PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
681 Monticola cinclorhynchus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
682 Muscicapa sibirica PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
683 Muscicapa dauurica PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
684 Muscicapa muttui PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
685 Muscicapa ruficauda PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
686 Muscicapa ferruginea PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
687 Ficedula hodgsonii PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
688 Ficedula strophiata PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
689 Ficedula parva PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
690 Ficedula hyperythra PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
691 Ficedula westermanni PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
692 Ficedula superciliaris PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
693 Ficedula tricolor PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
694 Ficedula sapphira PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
695 Eumyias thalassinus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
696 Cyornis unicolor PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
697 Cyornis pallipes PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae Endemic (country/region)
698 Cyornis poliogenys PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
699 Cyornis magnirostris PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
700 Cyornis tickelliae PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
701 Cyornis concretus PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
702 Anthipes monileger PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
703 Niltava sundara PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
704 Niltava vivida PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
705 Niltava grandis PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
706 Niltava macgrigoriae PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
707 Muscicapella hodgsoni PASSERIFORMES Muscicapidae
708 Cinclus cinclus PASSERIFORMES Cinclidae
709 Cinclus pallasii PASSERIFORMES Cinclidae
710 Chloropsis aurifrons PASSERIFORMES Chloropseidae
711 Chloropsis hardwickii PASSERIFORMES Chloropseidae
712 Dicaeum agile PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
713 Dicaeum chrysorrheum PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
714 Dicaeum melanoxanthum PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
715 Dicaeum erythrorhynchos PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
716 Dicaeum minullum PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
717 Dicaeum ignipectus PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
718 Dicaeum cruentatum PASSERIFORMES Dicaeidae
719 Chalcoparia singalensis PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
720 Cinnyris asiaticus PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
721 Aethopyga gouldiae PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
722 Aethopyga nipalensis PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
723 Aethopyga saturata PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
724 Aethopyga siparaja PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
725 Aethopyga ignicauda PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
726 Arachnothera longirostra PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
727 Arachnothera magna PASSERIFORMES Nectariniidae
728 Passer domesticus PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
729 Passer rutilans PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
730 Passer montanus PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
731 Montifringilla adamsi PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
732 Onychostruthus taczanowskii PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
733 Pyrgilauda davidiana PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
734 Pyrgilauda ruficollis PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
735 Pyrgilauda blanfordi PASSERIFORMES Passeridae
736 Ploceus benghalensis PASSERIFORMES Ploceidae
737 Ploceus manyar PASSERIFORMES Ploceidae
738 Ploceus philippinus PASSERIFORMES Ploceidae
739 Ploceus megarhynchus PASSERIFORMES Ploceidae
740 Amandava amandava PASSERIFORMES Estrildidae
741 Euodice malabarica PASSERIFORMES Estrildidae
742 Lonchura striata PASSERIFORMES Estrildidae
743 Lonchura punctulata PASSERIFORMES Estrildidae
744 Lonchura malacca PASSERIFORMES Estrildidae
745 Prunella collaris PASSERIFORMES Prunellidae
746 Prunella himalayana PASSERIFORMES Prunellidae
747 Prunella rubeculoides PASSERIFORMES Prunellidae
748 Prunella strophiata PASSERIFORMES Prunellidae
749 Prunella fulvescens PASSERIFORMES Prunellidae
750 Prunella immaculata PASSERIFORMES Prunellidae
751 Dendronanthus indicus PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
752 Motacilla citreola PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
753 Motacilla cinerea PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
754 Motacilla alba PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
755 Motacilla maderaspatensis PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
756 Anthus rufulus PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
757 Anthus godlewskii PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
758 Anthus campestris PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
759 Anthus similis PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae
760 Anthus trivialis PASSERIFORMES Motacillidae