Checklist of Insects of Punjab, Punjab
Taxa No. of Species Place Name State (S) District (S) Taluk (S)
Insects 30 Punjab Punjab

Checklist Information

Checklist Sources - Singh,T. 2001. Hymenopterans Reported from Shivalik belt of Punjab. Deptt. of Zoology, Punjabi University, Patiala.

Checklist Info:

Phylum: Arthropodan

Class: Insectan

Order: Hymenoptera

S. No Scientific Name Author Frequency
1 Ammophila atripes Smith Moderate
2 Anthophora confusa Smith Moderate
3 Apis dorsata Fabr. Very High
4 Apis florae Fabr. High
5 Apis mellifera Linn. High
6 Athalia sp Scanty
7 Componotus compressus Fabr. High
8 Crematogaster contemata Mayr. Moderate
9 Dorylus labiatus Schuk Scanty
10 Icaria sp Moderate
11 Larra sp Scanty
12 Lepisiota sp Moderate
13 Megachile disjuncta Lepel. Moderate
14 Meranoplus bicolour Couer Moderate
15 Messor barbarus Linnaeus Moderate
16 Monomorium indicum Forel. High
17 Monomorium glyciphilum Smith High
18 Netelia sp Moderate
19 Oxybelus sp Moderate
20 Phidole megacphala Fabr. High
21 Polistes hebreus Sauss. High
22 Polistes sp High
23 Pseudogonia sp Scanty
24 Sceliphron sp Moderate
25 Solenopsis geminata Fabr. Moderate
26 Sphex fulvo-hirtus Bingham Moderate
27 Sphex sp Moderate
28 Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabr. Moderate
29 Vespa orientalis Linn. Moderate
30 Xylocopa sp Moderate


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